Monday, 09 July 2018 08:38

Palette visits the CARP ”Omenia” Organization

Written by Elisabeta Toma

At the end of June, SIVECO Romania together with the University of Bucharest continue their meetings with seniors in Bucharest, this time by visiting the CARP ”Omenia” organization.

The CARP ”Omenia” Association is a nongovernmental charity organization for retirees, with more than 42000 members in Bucharest and other 8 counties. Its purpose is to offer help to retirees through redeemable loans and to offer other services, among which they offer assistance services and medical ones.

The two partners were welcomed with interest and openness by the members of the association, and presented Palette to the members and to potential final users, who were there to partake in the weekly English classes.

During the meeting, Palette gained their interest through its pleasant design and its ease of usage, as the participants created an account and tested the platform. The potential users offered feedback, new ideas for the platform to become as close as possible to how they imagine it.

SIVECO Romania and the University of Bucharest will come back to the CARP ”Omenia” organization to further engage the seniors that they met here in the project activities and to receive new feedback, for Palette to become even closer to their needs.